HDPE Polyethylene Plastic Block And Sheets

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                                       Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese hdpe polyethylene plastic block and sheets manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales hdpe polyethylene plastic block and sheets which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

High density polyethylene (HDPE)  is often referred to as the worlds toughest polymer. HDPE is a linear high density polyethylene which has high abrasion resistance as well as high impact strength. HDPE is also chemical resistant and has a low coefficient of friction which make it highly effective in a variety of applications.



Excellent Abrasion-resistance

Good self-lubrication and low coefficient of friction

High anti-impact strength and good toughness

Good chemical corrosion resistance can resist almost all mediums such as acid,alcli and salt,but except for concentrated sul-phuric-acid,concentrated nitric and a few organic solvents.

Inodorous,in noxious and impenetrable

Good conductibility and ultra-low water absorbability

Good anti-environmental stress breakage property which is 200 times of ordinary ethylene

Good cold resistance property which isn’t brittle even if at 176°C below zero.


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