Abrasion Resistance Hdpe Crane Outrigger Pads

Abrasion Resistance Hdpe Crane Outrigger Pads
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Product Details

Main Features of the High Quality Hdpe Plastic Outrigger Plates

1. Significantly lighter than steel or wood
2. Designed for a variety of soil bearing conditions, including poor soil
3. Engineered for high-capacity cranes
4. High compressive and flexural strength

5. Retains performance over lifetime
6. Can be used in extreme weather conditions(-269.C to +85 .C)
7. Moisture / rot proof
8. UV resistant

9. Chemical / oil resistant
10. Black, Orange(color is customized

11. Easy-to-Clean and in stocking transportation

12. Manufactured in many shapes, including round and square.

Smart Handle Design

Each Cranes Outrigger Pad is equipped with a smart handle, which make the pad easily be carried to 

everywhere you need. 

The handle is customized.

Extensive Application of the Mobile Cranes Outrigger Pads:


Fire trucks

Utility trucks

Tree trimmers

Concrete pumps