Anti-damage Mobile Cranes Outrigger Pads For Sale

Anti-damage Mobile Cranes Outrigger Pads For Sale
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Anti-impact polyethylene uhmwpe crane outrigger pad

Benefits of using SANYOU Crane outrigger pads :
1.Lihgtweight 1/7th weight of steel,1/4 weight of Aluminuml , can easliy be handled by one person
2.Cost efficient polyethylene Crane outrigger pads working life is very long. No pilferage Value .Price is cheaper. 
3.Anti-impact outrigger pads are strong and steady
SANYOU Crane Outrigger pads can load heavy compressure.
Will not break or splinter .Retain their shape .
Material has a memory ,dose not warp or mushroom.
4.Easy to cleanWhen it is dirty ,just use water to lean
5.Corrosion and Rust resistant
6.Polyethylene uhmwpe crane outrigger pad can work in hot or very cold conditions
Zero water absorption 
Do not conduct electricity 
9.Every special size , shape ,design