UHMW Outrigger Pads

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Product Details
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Extreme Strength & Rigidity 

UHMWPE, full name ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, it is a odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic material. Crane stabilizer pad is made of UHMWPE, it is tough, Longlasting and Durable. It is a high load capacity outrigger crane pad with a large vertical load bearing capacity. UHMWPE crane stabilizer pad is used to support vehicles and cranes without warping, splintering , bending or any other damage.

UHMW Outrigger Pads Features: 

 1. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has extremely high impact strength, which is 10 times larger than nylon and polypropylene (PP); 

2. The wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is very excellent. Wear-resistant better than metals, carbon steel and copper, 4-5 times better  than nylon and PTFE, ranking first among existing plastics. 

3. Plastic crane outrigger pads is resistant to chemical corrosion, anti atomic radiation. In a certain range of temperature, concentration of many corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic solvents and other various corrosive media have no alternative to it;

4. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene crane pads is not easy to adhere to foreign matters, and has excellent anti-adhesion properties when sliding; 

5. Tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free, non-corrosive crane pad colors. Can be recycled in the cycle and other plastic compared with good thermal stability and no water imbibition plastic plate, crane products in damp environment, also won’t because of water absorption and make the size change. 8. Can be used from -195 ℃ to + 265 ℃,  and remain good toughness and strength.

UHMW Outrigger Pads are an alternative to wood pads due to their superior characteristics and performance which allows them to last longer. ADVANTAGES: UHMW OUTRIGGER PADS Do not absorb moisture and will not swell up over time due to exposure outdoors. Do not lose their impact strength over time. Are flexible, so they will bend but not break under extreme loads. Are easy to clean due to their low friction surface. Are resistant to chemicals. Are safer to use in the field compared to other wood based pads. Are lightweight.