Black Marine Bulk Port Fender

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Black Marine Bulk Port Fender is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which has light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance and small friction coefficient, and can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation. Its impact strength is 20 times that of polyvinyl chloride, 10 times that of nylon 66, and 8 times that of polytetrafluoroethylene. It has excellent chemical resistance. In addition to strong oxidizing acid, it can withstand various corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic media (except hydrazine solvent) within a certain temperature and concentration range.

The feature of UHMWPE Black Marine Bulk Port Fender:

1. High surface hardness, low abrasion consumption, impact fatigue and shock resistance, low coefficient friction, and self-lubricating
2. High mechanical strength and rigidity. Although the contraction rate is high, the dimension is stable
3. Good dielectric properties, solvent resistance, non-stress cracking, no porosity.
4. Torsional resistance, it can be restored to the original shape when removing the external force
5. Low water absorption.

Product Name

Black Marine Bulk Port Fender




Color according to request.




100% virgin material.

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UHMW ship fender / Dock fender / marine boat fender