Hdpe Ground Mats Or Durabase Matting Road Protection Mat/heavy Duty Truck Mat/plastic Mat Upe Anti-slip

Temporary Ground Road Mat is made up with the advanced technology materials - HDPE (high density polyethylene). The construction road mat is suitable for heavy goods vehicles, and it loads up to 150 tonnes. The construction road mat is applied in Outdoor Events, Event Parking, Towpaths and more.

Product Details

Ground protection road mat Advantages:

1.Protects ground

2.Easy installation on uneven ground.

3.Heavy duty road mat providing temporary road ways and tough durable working areas.

4.Less costs than aluminium and wooden mats.

5.Made of long-lasting composite PE that can flex without breaking-superior to pluwood.

6.Suitable for extreme weather conditions and most ground conditions.

7.Low maintenance.

8.Extremely durable,Weather-proof and UV resistant.