HDPE Hard Plastic Flooring / Earthing Mat Grounding / Car Track Mat

Plastic HDPE Ground Protection Road Mats Road Mats,Plastic Ground Protection Mats,HDPE Road Mats Temporary Ground Road Mat is made up with the advanced technology materials - HDPE (high density polyethylene). The construction road mat is suitable for heavy goods vehicles, and it loads up to 150...

Product Details

HDPE Ground Protection mat is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. The mats are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities.


Main Features of HDPE Ground Protection mat 

1) Can be used in extreme weather conditions. 

2) Can be recycled, cost effective.

3) Superior wear resistance.

4) Easy installation, protect environment

5) Save time and cost, high loading capacity

6) Anti-Slip function.

Application of the HDPE Ground Protection mat 

1. Construction site, civil engineering

2. Drilling engineering

3. Oil drilling industry

4. Temporary road and parking lot

5. Emergency access

6. Maintenance of parkland

7. Maintenance of base installation

8. Installation of swamp, muddy ground

9. Footbridge

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