Hdpe Plastic Temporary Road Mats

Hdpe Plastic Temporary Road Mats
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hdpe plastic temporary road mats

HDPE plastic temporary road /UHMWPE Road plate/HDPE road mats/Rigid hard PE Material plastic access mat   


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High density plastic ground mat

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High density plastic ground mat

High density plastic ground mat

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HDPE track mat

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Main characteristics of the hdpe plastic temporary road :

UHMWPE plastic mats for ground protection made in China Tangyin Xinxing is designed to handle all types of equipement, including excavators, trucks, cranes, and drilling rigs. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene mats with the thickness 40mm are amazingly tough and flexible, the ground mats are virtually indestructible and unbreakable up to 150,000kgs.

Load performance depends on ground conditions as well as the weight and types of vehicles used.

The uhmwpe plastic mats for ground protection's color/shape/size can be customized according to customer's request.