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Plastic HDPE Ground Protection Road Mats Road Mats,Plastic Ground Protection Mats,HDPE Road Mats Temporary Ground Road Mat is made up with the advanced technology materials - HDPE (high density polyethylene). The construction road mat is suitable for heavy goods vehicles, and it loads up to 150...

Product Details

Applications:In construction and events area,as temporary road mats or outrigger pad for crane lift

• Events

Temporary access roadways,robust working plantforms for crane or to form large working pads making them ideal for creating a soild foundation for staging,generators and lighting rigs


• Oil and Gas

Land based Oil and Gas exploration,extraction and delivery (pipeline) projects

• Construction and TransmissionGROUND MAT42

The requirement for non-conductive(EPZ) work areas and the avoidance of environmental damage to sensitive eco systems and cross contamination between sites