Supper Wear Resistant UHMW Polyethylene Sheet

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                                       Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese supper wear resistant uhmw polyethylene sheet manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales supper wear resistant uhmw polyethylene sheet which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

UHMWPE defined is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. UHMWPE is a polyethylene with a molecular weight of 4.5 6 million. It is this high molecular weight that gives UHMWPE its unsurpassed combination of slickness, toughness and chemical resistance. We uses 100 % virgin UHMWPE in every product manufactured.


Key Features:

1. Non-Toxic and smell

2. Low coefficient of friction

3. Corrosion resistant

4. Abrasion and impact resistant

5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging

6. Self-lubricating

7. Wear Resistant

8. Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

9. UV Resistant/ultraviolet-resistance sheet

10. High Operating Temperature

11. High Tensile Strength

12. High Viscosity

13. Flame Retardant



Main Application:

1.  Chemical Engineering: Corrosion and wear resistance mechanical parts

2.  Thermal power: coal handling, storage of coal, warehousing chute lining

3.  Coal processing: sieve plate, filter, U-underground coal chute

4.  Concrete: cement raw and finished product silo silo lining

5.  Grain: food storage or chute lining

6.  Mining: sieve plate, chute linings, wear anti-bonding part






Thickness: 6-200mm


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Sample is available

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