7.5 Tonnes Crane Support Pad

7.5 Tonnes Crane Support Pad
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Product Details

Type: support plate

Shape: square

Material: the properties of polymer composites are wear-resistant, compressive and anti-skid

the advantages of products:the overloading is not broken, with higher strength and stiffness, providing more stable support for the engineering machinery.

product function is mainly used to support the support of pumps, cranes, cranes, special vehicles and other engineering machinery.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene has excellent abrasion resistance, good low temperature impact resistance, self - lubricity, non - toxic, water - resistant, chemical resistance, better heat resistance than general PE.

Can be widely used in against impact, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, adhesion, low noise, high industrial mining areas and health requirements, and greatly reduce operating costs and maintenance costs, improve the comprehensive economic benefits.