High Precision Self Lubricating UPE Scraper Blade PE Part

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Xinxing Plastics is one of the most reliable Chinese high precision self lubricating upe scraper blade pe part manufacturers and suppliers, who also deals with customized business. Welcome to get the hot sale factory directly sales high precision self lubricating upe scraper blade pe part which is made in China. Free sample is also available if you need.

UHMWPE material has exceptionally low coefficient of friction offering superb sliding properties and is 

one of the best plastics for wear/abrasion resistance meanwhile tough and impact resistant even at 

cryogenic temperatures. As a result, it is definite that UHMW polyethylene is a wonderful engineering 

plastic that can solve many problems that other engineering plastics cannot


Advantages of UHMW scraper blade

 Strong will not break

 Abrasion resistant to outlast other materials

 Flexible but returns to original shape

 Chemical resistant won’t rust or corrode

 Sanitary – USDA/FDA Approved


 Heat and cold resistant

 Moisture resistant – prevents clogging

 Self Lubricating



 UHMW, natural – USDA/FDA Approved Food Grade

 UHMW, reprocessed black

 Tivar88, cross linked for added strength andabrasion resistance.

 Stamped or machined

 Operating Temperature Range: -120 f +o 225 f

Installation: When Installing, place flat steel washer on the front side of the flight next to the plastic.


1) Customers Description (Manufacturer, Drawing # etc)

2) Material Type & Thickness (eg. UHMW, HDPE, Nylon,; if food grade required)

3) Size of flight: **Height **Width **Radius

4) Number of Holes ** Diameter Position of Holes **Width Spacing (centre to centre) **Height

5) Cut-Out Size: ** Width **Height

6) Bevel of Edge: Yes No Other Bevel (Specify)

7) Quantity Required

8) any additional information'