Customized Synthetic Ice Rink UHWMPE Board

Customized Synthetic Ice Rink UHWMPE Board
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Product Details

Our Synthetic Ice surface, which allows players to train at home. The synthetic ice surface is the

thing to real ice, and allows players to practice drills, while skating. Very easy to install, this product is

perfect for serious players willing to take their game to the next level.


Main Properties


.Excellent Abrasion-resistance


.Good self-lubrication and low coefficient of friction


.High anti-impact strength and good toughness


.Good chemical corrosion resistance can resist almost all mediums such as acid,alcli and salt,but except for concentrated sul-phuric-acid,concentrated nitric and a few organic solvents.


.Inodorous,in noxious and impenetrable


.Good conductibility and ultra-low water absorbability


.Good anti-environmental stress breakage property which is 200 times of ordinary ethylene


Good cold resistance property which isnit brittle even if at 176°Cbeiow zero.


 Enjoy the on-ice experience all year long in your backyard, basement, garage or anywhere you might imagine!