Customized Uhmwpe Synthetic Ice Rink Sheet

Customized Uhmwpe Synthetic Ice Rink Sheet
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Product Details
No.ItemUnitTest StandardResult
2Molding shrinkage %
3Elongation at break%GB/T1040-1992238
4Tensile strengthMpaGB/T1040-199245.3
5Ball indentation hardness test 30gMpaDINISO 2039-138
6Rockwell hardnessRISO86857
7bending strengthMpaGB/T9341-200023
8Compression strengthMpaGB/T1041-199224
9Static softening temp.
10Specific heatKJ(Kg.K)
11Impact strengthKJ/M3D-256100-160
12heat conductivity%(m/m)ISO113580.16-0.14
13sliding properties and friction coefficient
14sliding properties and friction coefficient
15Shore hardness D

16Charpy Notched Impact Strength mJ/mm2
No break 
17Heat deflection temperature

18Water absorption


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Introduction of the Customized Uhmwpe Synthetic Ice Rink Sheet

Uhmwpe Synthetic Ice Rink Sheet is a kind of synthetic product harder than steel, and closest to real ice available today. 

The Uhmwpe Sheet is excellent for indoor or outdoor applications and even used some of the most severe temperature conditions. As the Uhmwpe Synthetic Sheet are so hard, the scratch is not worried.

The Synthetic Ice Rink Boards is well known for five top performance of high-wear-resistance, good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance.

Tangyin xinxing Plastics engineer Co, LTD. is one of the Manufacturer of the UHMWPE/HDPE material products, having over 12 years experience in produces and sales. 

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Main Features of the Customized Uhmwpe Synthetic Ice Rink Sheet

1. Low cost: low operating and maintenance costs.It does not require refrigeration and ice
2. Use in any place and any weather conditions.Low temperature resistant
3. good self-lubrication

4.Good wear resistance

5. highly corrosion resistance
6. High compressive and flexural strength

7. Quick installation: quick assembly and disassembly

8. Applied in indoor and outdoor.

9.non water absorption, non stick