Cutting Mat Hdpe Polyethylene Clear Plastic Board Block

Our food grade cutting boards own good acid resistance, no odor, mildew resistance, prevention bacterial growth and not splinter. The edges of the cutting boards have been polishing well. In general, our Flexible Cutting Board is better than wood cutting board.

Product Details

Plastic cutting boards should be with hot, soapy water after each use, with clear and clean water, then rinse.

cutting board_50

Air dry. You can also use a clean paper towel pat them dry, but don't dry terry cloth. Using a dishtowel

cutting board_74

Wipe everything in the kitchen, making them an ideal path to spread bacteria from one surface to another.

 Plastic board can pass the dishwasher to clean, this is a great way to clean and purify them. This is another reason may is better than that of wood, wood deformation, crack or split if the dishwasher to clean.