High-performance Food Grade Choping Board

Healthy Uhmwpe Polyethylene Custom Carving Board is a green and 100% eco-friendly product. It can direct contact with food. The PE Custom Carving Board has a soft feel similar to wood when slicing, dicing, or chopping, but are more cut-resistant and easy on knives. Wash your cutting board with...

Product Details

commercial PE cutting boards overcome all the disadvantages of the traditional plastic and wooden cutting boards, such as crazing, distortion, being liable to generate bacteria and inconvenience for washing. 


PE cutting boards are much stronger in toughness than traditional ones and resistant to cutting stains, crazing, distortion, chipping or rotting. 


The advantages of PE cutting boards let them have longer service life. Our PE cutting board is with high quality and low price. We have FDA certificate for PE cutting board.