Square Cutting Board Sale Size

Healthy Uhmwpe Polyethylene Custom Carving Board is a green and 100% eco-friendly product. It can direct contact with food. The PE Custom Carving Board has a soft feel similar to wood when slicing, dicing, or chopping, but are more cut-resistant and easy on knives. Wash your cutting board with...

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Tangyin Xinxing produces ultra high molecular weigth polyethylene plate wear resistance ,antiaging,nontoxic , tasteless.


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The US food and drug administration (FDA) and  the United States  department of agriculture (USDA) allows them to direct cantact with food. Material not  bibulous, good lubricity , not  easy adhesion , easy  to clean . 

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IS the ideal cutting boards  made  of  production materials . the use of  cutting board  has a beautiful   appearance ,durable , easy  to  clean,

the characteristic of  the  export country , currently  received a good response.