Plastic Conveyor Roller For Sale

Character of the Polyethylene Pipe Plastic Conveyor Roller 1. Non-Toxic and smell 2. Low coefficient of friction 3. Corrosion resistant 4. Abrasion and impact resistant 5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging 6. Self-lubricating 7. Wear Resistant Application of Polyethylene Pipe Plastic Conveyor Roller...

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Character of the Polyethylene Pipe Plastic Conveyor Roller

1. Non-Toxic and smell

2. Low coefficient of friction 
3. Corrosion resistant 
4. Abrasion and impact resistant
5. Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging
6. Self-lubricating

7. Wear Resistant


Application of Polyethylene Pipe Plastic Conveyor Roller

The Polyethylene Pipe Plastic Conveyor Roller is widely used in the original dock transporting places where dust is bigger and the environment has high corrosive, such as mining, power, steel, Stone materials factory, cement and coking plant ,Coal washing factory, Salt plant, Alkali plant, Fertilizer factory, dock and so on.