Self-lubricating Artificial UHMWPE Ice Rink

Self-lubricating Artificial UHMWPE Ice Rink
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Product Details

Benefits of our ice skating rink


Less expensive than real ice

The right size for any space

Any climate, any season

Feels just like real ice

Bo chillers or compressors

No noise pollution

No electricity cost

Completely recyclable

Specifications of ice skating rink

Standard sizes as follows:

610mm  (L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(2' x 4') 
1220mm(L) x 1220mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 4') 
1220mm(L) x 2440mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)=(4' x 8') 
1000mm(L) x 2000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T) 
2100mm(L) x 1500mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T) 
2000mm(L) x 3000mm(W) x (10-30mm)(T)

Our ice skating rink can be made at no extra charge for cutting. Contact us for a quote on the specific size you require.



How to clean ice skating rink?

sweep the surface with a damp mop to keep your panels looking like new.

 uhmwpe ice hockey010.jpg


Packaging & Shipping

1.Packed by PE film, wooden pallet ,as customers' required.

2.Delivery within 25days by sea .

3.Samples will be sent to you via express

4. Wooden pallet or as required.

5.Pallet with strech film; carton with strech film; or others as request 

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1. The Lifespan:

These UHMWPE synthetic ice panels are made from 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and therefore able to be skated upon on both sides. Our Pro Skate 20mm panels, for example, have a life expectancy of at least 10 years. 


2. How much does it cost to maintain

The UHMWPE synthetic ice panels are almost maintenance free. Keep the floor clean.


3. How often do I have to clean the skating surface?

Only when the surface shows signs of foreign matter such as dust, dirt or other foreign particles.


4. What condition to install

UHMWPE synthetic ice panels can be installed on any sturdy, flat, level and firm surface capable of supporting the weight of the panels and skaters.