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Application of uhmwpe Customized Synthetic Ice Rink Customized Synthetic Ice Rink and OEM UHMWPE Sheet Ice Skating With Best Price Customers can make all kinds of special-shaped parts according to the drawing. Any small size need us to cut , we can satisfy your special need . Thank you for...

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Application of uhmwpe Customized Synthetic Ice Rink

Transportation machineryGuide rail, convey belt, convey device slide block seat
Food processing machineryplanet wheel, bottle convey, gear ,

 counting bolt, filler bearing, bottle holder parts

Paper making machinerywater suction tank cover ,  bearing ,  skew guide 


Port machinery/ship machineryShip parts, suspension bridge side roller, friction block.
Ordinary machinery

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Customized Synthetic Ice Rink and OEM UHMWPE Sheet Ice Skating With Best Price

Customers can make all kinds of special-shaped parts according to the drawing.

Any small size need us to cut , we can satisfy your special need .

Thank you for coming, looking forward to ourcooperation.Any questions,please contact me.

Main advantages of Customized Synthetic Ice Rink:

Our rinks can be installed on any flat, firm surface. A tennis court or sports hall is the perfect venue.
The skating flooring surface is created by using high in density plastic (UHMWPE) which as well as being extremely durable and hard wearing it is also water and chemical resistant.
The rink floor is available in any colour or we can even build the rinks in multi-colour or pattern.

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