UHMWPE Artificial Ice For Roller Hockey Sports Court With Best Price

The Wonderful Natural White Custom Ice Rinks Boards are well known for five top performance of high-wear-resistance, good-chemical resistance, low-temperature resistance, self-lubrication and high-impact resistance. Plastic ice rinks is harder than steel, and closest to real ice available today....

Product Details

Key properties uhmwpe synthetic ice rink:


• Extremely high impact strength

• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

Extreme Ice Shooting Pad-2

• Optimal sliding properties

• Dimensional stability

Extreme glide synthetic ice_1

• Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates

• Resistance against fatigue

ice rink14

• Water repellent

• Good chemical resistance

ice rink10

• electrical and dielectric properties

• Physiologically harmless

ice rink11