UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Panels With Dovetailed Edging

UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Panels With Dovetailed Edging
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Product Details


 Tangyin Xinxing---UHMWPE synthetic ice panels with dovetailed edging


Product Description

UHMWPE synthetic ice panels with dovetailed edging 

No time to travel for skating? Now you can have a low cost synthetic ice panels anywhere, anytime and of ant size! No power, no water, no freezers or coolers or zamboni required.

Our synthetic ice panels are as good as real, the interlocking dovetail panel system significantly outperforms traditional spline and ensures a tight seal between panels. Now come and enjor skating on the best artificial ice!

There are two types of synthetic ice panels avaiable:

  • Basic---basic version without any additives

  • Premium---additives for improved sliding properties

Our synthetic ice panels picture show:

ice rink_88.jpgice rink_93.jpgice rink_112.jpg

Features of synthetic ice panels

  •  Indoor and outdoor usage

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Low cost of ownship:no water and electricity are needed

  • Simple maintenance

  • Completely recyclable

  • Only 10-15% more friction than real ice, perfect for training and exercise purposes

  • Seamless connection system

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Feels just like real ice

Keep in mind:

  • Never use synthetic ice panels if it's not cleaned

  • Do not install synthetic ice panels in dusty environment

  • Regularly clean the rink

Parameter of synthetic ice panels

No.ItemUnitTest standardResult
2Molding shrinkage %
3Elongation at break%GB/T1040-1992238
4Tensile strengthMpaGB/T1040-199245.3
5Ball indentation hardness test 30gMpaDINISO 2039-138
6Rockwell hardnessRISO86857
7Simply supported beam hardnessKJ/mISO17985
8Bending strengthMpaGB/T9341-200023
9Compression strengthMpaGB/T1041-199224
10Static softening temp.
11Specific heatKJ/(Kg.K)
12Impact strengthKj/m3D-256100-160
13Heat conductivity{w/(m.k)}%(m/m)ISO113580.16-0.14
14Sliding properties and friction coefficientPLASTIC/STEEL(WET)0.19
15Sliding properties and friction coefficientPLASTIC/STEEL(DRY)0.14



Properties of synthetic ice panels




Tangyin xinxing synthetic ice panels production line as follows:

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 1000mm width x 3000mm length

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 2000mm width x 4000mm length

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 1550mm width x 7050mm length

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 1000mm width x 1000mm length

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 1500mm width x 1500mm length

  • (5-300mm thickness) x 1220mm width x 2440mm length

The size, shape and color can be customized according to customer's requirement.


What makes synthetic ice panels so great?


1. Leading Edge Polymer Design

Synthetic ice panels uses the latest, most technologically advanced materials to produce the best artificial ice available today. It is specifically formulated, designed and produced for our synthetic ice applications.


2. Superior Fit

Our E PUZZLE connecting system ensures your panels will always fit together properly


3. Custom Made Quality

We build synthetic ice panels for custom designs and sizes to order, any size, shape and color are available


4. Manufacturer Direct

With synthetic ice solutions you are dealing direct with the manufacturer. Why go to resellers and distributers and pay more when you can buy direct? We are a family owned and operated company providing the best valur in the industry.



Our work shop for synthetic ice panels


uhmwpe sheet 020.jpg




Packaging & Shipping


Packging details: 1.Packed by PE film, wooden pallet ,as customers' required.        

                                      2.Delivery within 25days by sea
Shipping details: Within 25 days after receiving the deposit.


Perfect packaging of synthetic ice panels 


Our Services

Samples is available if requested 
Customization is accepted

After-sales services

If you have any question,please feel free to contact us!

We will meet your demand as much as possible!


Company Information


 Tangyin Xinxing Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002 with registered capital of 16.8 million yuan. It covers an area of 5,000 square meters and includes 5 executives , 3 technicians, 28 production staffs , 60 service staffs .  

Tangyin Xinxing Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd. has its own network,Which is a digital platform with independent brands, channels , and prepares a solid foundation for the international trade.  




1. The Lifespan

These synthetic ice panels are 100% ultra-high density polyethylene throughout and therefore able to be skated upon on both sides. Our Pro Skate 20mm panels, for example, have a life expectancy of at least7-15 years. 


2. How much does it cost to maintain?

The synthetic ice panels are almost maintenance free. Keep the floor clean.


3. How often do I have to clean the skating surface?

Only when the surface shows signs of foreign matter such as dust, dirt or other foreign particles.


4. what condition to install?

Synthetic ice panels can be installed on any sturdy, flat, level and firm surface capable of supporting the weight of the panels and skaters.