Wear-resistant Customized UHMWPE Plastic Industrial Parts

Wear-resistant Customized UHMWPE Plastic Industrial Parts
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 Introduction to Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products  


Tangyin xinxing company manufactures Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products. We ensure that these UHMWPE machinical parts serve multifarious applications and are tested for durability, strengh etc. UHMWPE machinical parts can be customized according to the requirements of the customers and available at industry leading prices.




If you have metal parts that should be replaced with non-corroding, quiet, longer-lasting parts, our Tangyin Xinxing can probably custom-machine them for you.


What's the raw material for Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products?


Virgin 100% FDA approved UHMWPE


Key properties of Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products


1.High-wear resistance

Teven times wear resistance than steel, four times than PTFE.


2. High impact resistance

Two times impact resistance than PC, five times than ABS.



3. Self-lubrication

The same as PTFE, better than steel and brass appended lubricating oil.


4. Anti-corrosion resistance

Stable chemicals property and can endure the corrosion of all kinds of corrosive medium and organic solvent in certain rang of temperature and humidity.


5. Non-sticking

The smooth surface of product hardly affixes other material.


6. Low temperature resistance

In (-196), it still has the prolongation and high tensile strength.


7. Non-toxic and clean property



Parameters of Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products








Average molecular weight 


3million- 10 million 

Tensile strength(23°C in air) 



Breaking strength



Tensile strain at break



Flexural Strength



Compression Strength






Charpy impact strength (notched)


No break

Ball Indentation Hardness



Shore D hardness




70-80, steel = 100

Static Friction Coefficient


Kinetic Friction Coefficient


Water Absorption


Elongation at break at 23 degree



Heat Deflection Temperature



Melt Temperature 



Suitable operating temperature range


minimum temperature: -269

Maxium temperature: 80





Applications of Mechanical parts like gear/Bearing UHMWPE sheet products

Transportation machinery: Guide rail, convey belt, convey device slide block seat


Food processing machinery: Planet wheel, bottle convey, gear counting bolt, filler bearing, bottle holder parts


Paper making machinery: Water suction tank cover, bearing, skew guide wheels


Port machinery/ship machinery: Ship parts, suspersion bridge side roller, friction block


Ordinary machinery: All types of gear, bushing, liner, sliding plate, clutch, guiding unit, brake


Other: Cooling machine, nuclear power plant shield, electric galvanized parts, and ultra-low temperature machine parts


To enable us to machine your parts, we require the drawings or a sample to work on, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Packaging details:

1.Packed by PE film, wooden pallet ,as customers' required.

2.Delivery within 25days by sea .

3.Free samples will be sent to you via express, but youshould pay for the freight.

4. Wooden pallet or as required.

5.Pallet with strech film; carton with strech film; or others as request


Our Services


It might be better if you offer the design paper to us.

No matter how many you want ,we can satisfy your need.

Samples is available if requested.

Customization is accepted.

If you have any questions or interested in it, pls do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.



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