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Adhesive material for ultra polymer polyethylene plate

Jun 04, 2019

  Ultra-polymer polyethylene sheet has now been gradually widely used in various industries, and its ultra-high paste has been widely recognized by the majority of users, then why the plate has such a good paste, we would like to learn more about:

Ultra-polymer polyethylene sheet in the application process of the use of high-quality paste materials, which is closely related to its ultra-high paste, so we need to understand the plate selected paste materials are mainly what:

   1, epoxy resin mud:

  Epoxy resin slurry is based on synthetic resin, corrosion-resistant powder, curing agent, propellant and so on according to a certain proportion of the preparation of a class of anti-corrosion mud powder.

   2. Silicone Slurry: Silicone slurry construction of the ambient temperature is generally 5-30 ℃, relative humidity can not be greater than 80%.

   , When the construction environment is less than 5 ℃, should take the heating insulation measures.

  After the completion of construction should be carried out maintenance, can be used pickling method, divided into 2 times for maintenance during construction and maintenance, the contact with water or steam is strictly prohibited.

  3, Barking mud: The catalyst is prepared into a gorge resin slurry by a different filler of the bark resin and the dosage.

    The preparation process needs to be stirred with the use, according to the construction mix ratio weighing, to prevent precipitation. Ultra Polymer polyethylene Sheet before the construction of the slurry is mainly these, we must be based on the proportion of uniform modulation, only in order to achieve a good paste performance, and play a long-term protective and maintenance effect.