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Analysis of polyethylene sheet in aerospace applications

Sep 29, 2019

Ultra high molecular polyethylene board


Polyethylene sheet

Polyethylene sheet has the advantage of softness, bulletproof effect is better than aramide, has become the main fiber occupying the market of bulletproof vest in the United States.In addition, the specific impact load of uhmwpe fiber composite is 10 times that of steel, and more than 2 times that of glass fiber and aramide fiber.The bulletproof and riot helmet made of the fiber reinforced resin composite material has become the substitute of helmet and aramide-reinforced composite material helmet.

Polyethylene sheet fiber composite material is light, high strength and good impact resistance, suitable for various aircraft wing tip structure, airship structure and buoy aircraft.Polyethylene sheet fiber can also be used as a decelerating parachute for the landing of the space shuttle and a rope for hanging heavy objects on the aircraft, instead of the traditional steel cable and synthetic fiber rope, its development speed is extremely rapid.

The excellent low temperature resistance performance of polyethylene sheet can be used as the low temperature resistance component of nuclear industry.Real empty box panel, dewatering board, scraper, sealing strip and so on can be used in the paper industry;It can be used for beverage and food machinery, etc.