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Analysis of the application of oily nylon liner on disc pelletizer

Sep 04, 2019

The oil-containing nylon lining plate developed by our company has been widely used in the national sintering mixer because of its excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, water absorption, friction and small bulk density, and has received good results. Recently, an oil-containing nylon liner with a concave-convex groove has been used on a disc pelletizer, and good results have also been obtained. The effect of oily nylon lining on the quality of pellets. The movement of the pellets in the spheroidal disc is the continuous addition of pellets on the rotating pelletizing disc, while spraying water, the material is subjected to friction and gravity. , was taken to the top of the disk, and then rolled down the inclined disk surface. Under the action of mechanical force, the fine-grained material gradually abuts and aggregates into the core (ie, the cue ball) through the action of capillary water between them. The wet core of the surface adheres to the fine particles during the rolling process and gradually grows up. After reaching the size of the finished ball, it is discharged from the spherical disk. During the ball making process, the formation and growth of the core are carried out simultaneously. Under normal circumstances, the number of generated cores is roughly equal to the number of finished balls. The formation of the nucleus is the first step in the process of pelleting. Its strength and growth rate will affect the quality of the ball. In order to prevent wear and sticking of the pelletizing disc, a liner is usually provided on the bottom of the disc and the edge of the disc. When the parameters of the pelletizing material, the diameter of the pelletizing disc, the inclination angle, and the rotational speed are determined, the friction between the material and the liner will affect the movement process of the material, the core and the semi-finished pellet.