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Anti-radiation lead boron polyethylene plate wear-resistant PE plate

Jun 06, 2019

 As the name implies, boron-containing polyethylene is the boron powder and polyethylene raw materials through high-speed stirring, hot pressing plate, boron-containing polyethylene polyethylene has shielded rays, radiation protection, shielding all the role of signal sources.

In boron-containing polyethylene plate, boron plays a major absorption role, because boron on the Neutron reaction cross section is relatively large, before the hydrogen reaction has occurred, low-energy neutrons have been basically absorbed, can effectively prevent nuclear radiation and neutron radiation to society and individuals to bring harm.

The types of boron are boron carbide, boron oxide, borax three kinds, the effect of radiation protection is reduced in turn, we need to determine the type and content of boron added according to the specific use environment. In general, the thickness of the plate in 15mm boron content at 10% when the radiation resistance has met the requirements, on this basis, whether it is to increase the thickness of the plate or the content of boron elements, the ability to prevent radiation will not have much impact.