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Application and anti-skid principle of polyethylene paving plate

Jun 12, 2019

Polyethylene paving plate has wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy installation and other properties, it is widely used, anti-slip load-bearing effect is good,

Application areas of paving boards:

Civil engineering and basic work on construction sites 

Pedestrian Flyover 

Emergency channels 

Temporary roads & amp; parking

Maintenance of public sites and infrastructure

Landscaping and protection of heritage or environmental protected areas

Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields 

Sports & amp; Leisure activities

Drilling Engineering

Oil drilling Industry


Swamp, wet muddy ground conditions, and so on. Some emergency construction sites

Advantages of Paving boards: 

» Fast and easy to install 

» Unique anti-slip surface 

» Reversible surfaces (optional) 

» Low transportation and handling costs » Support for health and environmental protection and targeting of different ground