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Application of oil-containing nylon liner in industrial aspects

Sep 04, 2019

In the industrial sector, rare earth oil-containing nylon linings have a high status and are used in the production of large gears, bushings, roll sleeves, valve seats, turbines, bushings, valve sheets and other products. The reason why the rare earth oil-containing nylon liner has such a high evaluation is inseparable from its own performance characteristics, so what is its performance in the industry?

       Through the use, we found that after the mixer is equipped with a rare earth oil-containing nylon liner, a lining of about 3 cm is formed on the surface of the liner, which is very advantageous for uniform mixing and pelleting, and can be mixed. The strength of the sphere is correspondingly increased to ensure the quality of the sinter. In addition, rare earth oil-containing nylon liners have a low water absorption probability, as well as excellent wear resistance and adhesion to other materials, but also have high mechanical strength and hardness, even at 200 ° C It can still be used normally under high temperature without affecting its performance.

       Moreover, the rare earth oil-containing nylon lining plate is evenly operated in a simple operation, which can reduce the load, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the mixer related system, which has great advantages for reducing the maintenance cost and prolonging the service life of the machine.