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Application of oily nylon liner in mixer

Aug 09, 2019

Oil-impregnated nylon linings collectively add a variety of friction reducing materials. It has good hydrophobicity, small friction and good self-lubricating properties. It can achieve non-sticking, small impact load and save electricity. High mechanical strength and hardness, excellent wear resistance, protection of equipment system parts, and reduced maintenance costs. Good temperature resistance and long-term use in 150oC environment.

The product has a service life of 18-36 months under normal operation of the mixer. The oil-containing nylon liner is used in the mixer. During the mixing and pelletizing process, the cylinder is basically non-sticky, thus eliminating the phenomenon of “biasing” caused by the adhesive, eradicating the impact load and reducing the noise, reducing the cylinder. Body weight, reducing electrical power consumption.


Eliminate the roller shaft break accident, reduce the maintenance cost of equipment parts, and also end the dangerous work of manually entering the barrel clearing material for many years, saving equipment parts maintenance costs, saving equipment maintenance and labor costs, and improving the equipment operation rate of the mixer system. 5-10%. Because the cylinder runs smoothly, the mixture is evenly mixed, the pellet size is uniform, and the sinter effect is good.


The oil-containing nylon lining has a nylon lining compared with the conventional rare earth, and has great improvement in hardness, compressive strength, temperature resistance and wear resistance. The performance indexes are increased by 15%-35%, and the lining of the lining is extended. The service life increases the production efficiency and expects the user's personal experience.