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Application of rare earth oil-containing nylon liner in China's steel industry

Sep 04, 2019

A new type of wear-resistant and impact-resistant rare earth oil-containing nylon liner special material developed for the status quo of the process equipment of the sinter plant in China's iron and steel enterprises. It has good mechanical, physical and chemical properties; the rare earth oil-containing nylon lining is in use. It is superior to high-polymer polymer, rubber, cast iron and other material liners, and has low cost, strong wear resistance, impact resistance, light weight, non-stickiness, uniform mixing, good pelleting effect, and reduced equipment load and improvement. The output directly reduces the production cost, increases the production efficiency of the enterprise, and wins praise from users.

    Six major chemical and physical analysis of rare earth oil-containing nylon liners:

    1 high strength, can bear the load for a long time; absorb noise, shock absorption. 2Good resilience, able to bend without deformation, while maintaining toughness and resisting repeated impacts; 3 wear-resistant self-lubricating, providing better than bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and phenolic press plates in oil-free or (deoiled) lubrication applications Working performance, reducing consumption, saving energy; 4 low friction coefficient, providing its wide application in friction parts; 5 chemical stability, alkali resistance, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbon, weak acid, lubricating oil, detergent Water (sea water), with odorless, non-toxic, odorless, rust-free characteristics, provides excellent conditions for the use of mechanical parts widely used in alkali corrosion resistance, environmental health food, textile printing and dyeing; 6 nylon products Can be made according to the needs of users, a variety of colors, does not affect the quality, and beautiful.