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Application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene shaped parts

Aug 27, 2019

(1) Gears, worm gears

The advantages of MC nylon as a gear and a worm wheel are light weight, fatigue resistance, shock absorption and good self-lubricating performance. For parts that are afraid of lubricant contamination or where lubricants cannot be added frequently, MC nylon gears are the most suitable, and do not hurt the corresponding gears or connectors, low noise, in industrial applications such as textile, paper, printing, food machinery, etc. Significantly, the noise is only 1/4 to 1/2 of the steel parts.

(2) slider

In the heavy industry, metal nylon presses, forging machines and other industrial machinery use MC nylon material as the slider. In the following advantages, the service life is long, the replacement time and maintenance cost can be saved a lot, and the lubrication performance can be maintained for a long time after adding grease. It has high resistance to impact fatigue and vibration, low noise, light weight, easy assembly and good wear resistance.

(3) Piston ring and support ring

The characteristics of the piston ring made of MC nylon: light weight: about 15% of the weight of bronze, reducing the movement loss, saving mechanical power, good sliding performance, small difference between static and dynamic friction coefficient, so it will not be as sticky as metal. Different physical properties, can avoid cylinder liner, no oil self-lubricating, good sealing, easy to leak oil, long life and improve work efficiency.

(4) Bushings, bushings, bearings

The use of MC nylon as a shaft fitting has the following advantages: wear resistance, self-lubricating performance, and high PV value in general thermoplastics. Low friction coefficient, impact resistance, easy to hold shaft, sintering, no damage to the journal, long lubrication cycle, reduced maintenance, adaptability in harsh environments, long life.

(5) Roller and roller

Since MC nylon has the properties of being resistant to chemicals, abrasion and self-lubrication, it is suitable for use as a roller or as an outer sleeve of a metal roller for conveying a guide roller, a reverse roller, and a traveling roller. MC nylon has a longer service life than other materials, easy processing, less oiling, and no oil leakage, no rust, oil stains and rust stains.

(6) Other aspects

In addition to the above introduction, MC nylon is widely used in many aspects, such as: mixer wheel, valve body, valve core gasket, insulating sleeve, guide plate, pulley, etc. In the railway, there are moving shaft box liner, moving wheel spring hanging sleeve, Gear ring, cross-head sliding shoe, rocker small end small square tile, etc., in the shipbuilding industry, there are bearings, water pump bearings, pulley sliders, sprocket, handle anti-electricity, seals and so on.