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Boron-containing ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene board

Aug 20, 2019

The boron-containing ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene sheet product is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) containing elemental boron reinforcement, which provides resistance to additional neutron radiation. The high-density polyethylene matrix is a hydrogen-rich material that can be used in the nuclear field in combination with boron. Hydrogen-rich materials can attenuate neutrons, while boron readily absorbs thermal neutrons. Potential uses for this material include radiation therapy rooms where the product is embedded in the wall in the form of a panel. Other similar applications include nuclear research centers, nuclear power plants, power generation in nuclear submarines, production areas for nuclear detection devices and equipment, and spacecraft exposed to radiation. What are the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets and coal bunker liners? Please contact us for your needs.


Boron-containing board features:

 High self-lubricating, non-absorbent --- Destroy the molecular chain formed by water absorption, eliminate the bond, and the material is naturally smooth. High wear resistance and impact resistance --- Add a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics and improve the more practical advantages. Impact resistance - impact strength up to 150KJ / m2, no cracking. Excellent environmental stress cracking performance, 200 times that of ordinary polyethylene. Excellent low temperature resistance, no cracking even at 176 °C. The scope of use of coal-fired power industry: raw coal bunker, coal hopper, geogrid steel industry: mixed silo, coking plant, coal tower, coal blending room cement industry: raw coal bunker, coal powder silo, clay silo, iron powder warehouse food industry : sanitary cutting board processing