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Carrier Taper Self-Aligning Roller Conveyor Roller

Jul 11, 2019

Product Description

Carrier taper self-aligning roller conveyor roller

Taper rollers(idlers) are important parts on Belt Conveyor, it endure over 70% resistance of one belt conveyor. The conveyor roller(idler) used for supporting conveyor belt and the material. There are kinds roller we supplied, like steel, nylon, ceramic or rubber. With years designing and manufacturing experience Double Arrow becomes a high quality roller(idler) server in conveyor spares industry.

Products feature:
1. Stable running, good quality with minimum maintenance
2. Small vibrating and long lifespan.
3. Be well dustproof and waterproof.
4. High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers/idlers running with low vibration
And less noise.
The products are widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, machinery, ports, construction, electricity, chemistry, food packing and other industries.
1. D89-D159mm, or according to customers' requirement.
2. L5000-L1400mm, or according to customers' requirement.
3. With belt 500mm-1400mm, or according to customers' requirement

D*t   Bearing   Shaft                                     Tube
Steel Z/P SS Aluminium PVC
Φ 38*1.2 6002 11hex, Φ 12    
Φ 38*1.5 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15      
Φ 50*2.5 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15      
Φ 50.6*1.5 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15  
Φ 50.6*2 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15      
Φ 60*1.5 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15      
Φ 60*2 6002 11hex, Φ 12/15  
Φ 80*3 6205 Φ 20