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Characteristic Analysis of Polymer Polyethylene Sheet

Jul 29, 2019

High-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet is a kind of high polymer. Its special mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature and relative molecular quality. It should be highly valued when designing high-frequency polyethylene sheet mechanical parts.

Now with the increase of relative molecular mass, the wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is enhanced, the elongation decreases with the increase of relative molecular mass, and the yield strength decreases with the increase of relative molecular mass. The relative molecular mass increases slightly, the impact strength increases with the increase of the relative molecular mass, and the molecular weight of the polymer polyethylene plate reaches a maximum value of about 3 million. After more than 3 million, the impact strength decreases. It becomes larger as the temperature increases, but reaches a maximum at around 25 °C. Then, it decreases with increasing temperature. Even if the polymer polyethylene sheet has a certain impact strength at minus 200 ° C, the maximum tensile strength and yield strength decrease with temperature.

The high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet not only retains the high impact strength of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, the friction coefficient is low, the self-lubricating polymer polyethylene sheet has excellent performance, and can meet the different performance requirements of customers. Such as flame-retardant polymer polyethylene plate, the lining plate is difficult to ignite, can be automatically extinguished within 3-10 seconds after leaving the fire source, and does not drip, the amount of smoke is small, the volatile gas is harmless to the human body, and is blocked by the state. After testing by the Fuel Materials Research Laboratory, the product was identified as a green and environmentally friendly material with high promotion and use value.

As a liner, high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet is made of metal lining material, which combines the strength of metal with the wear resistance of U-polymer polyethylene sheet and the performance required by customers. . Flame-retardant polymer polyethylene sheet is widely used in China's electric power, coal, steel, cement, coking and other industries to effectively prevent fire caused by coal spontaneous combustion and other factors.