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Characteristics of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet

Jun 04, 2019

Ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene sheet is a linear structure with excellent comprehensive properties of thermoplastic engineering plastics, fiber is the world's third generation of special fibers, strength up to 30.8cN/dtex, the strength is the highest in chemical fiber, but also has a good wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, light resistance and other excellent properties.

Because ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has many excellent properties. It shows great advantages in the high-performance fiber market, from mooring ropes in offshore oilfields to high-performance lightweight composites.


Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet can create coal, lime, cement, mineral powder, salt, grain and other powdery documents of the tug, silo, chute lining, because it has excellent self-lubricating, non-viscous. Can make the above powdery documents for storage and transportation facilities do not occur adhesion scene, to ensure a solid sponsor.


In industrial applications, can be used as pressure-resistant containers, conveyor belts, filtration materials, automotive cushioning plates, etc., building can be used as wall, diaphragm structure, etc., using it as reinforced cement composites can improve the toughness of cement, improve its impact resistance. Because of its excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, it has been widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, can produce a variety of gears, cam, impeller, roller, pulley, bearings, shafts, bushings, cutting shafts, gaskets, seals, elastic couplings, screws and other mechanical parts.