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Comparison of parameters of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and general engineering plastics and improvement of their performance

Aug 07, 2019

Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene has excellent performance characteristics in all of them. It also has the disadvantage that UHMWPE has lower heat resistance and hardness than other engineering plastics, but can be improved by "filling" and "crosslinking". The following is a comparison table of related parameters:


Main performance

Application range

Food Machinery

Packaging Machinery

Leather machinery

Food hygiene, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance, silencing

This product is non-toxic, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, sound-absorbing, and light-weight. It is used as a food machine's curved rail, container guide rail, planetary gear, propeller screw, powder pellet funnel, and various sauce filling devices. , worms, washers, guide rails, spacers, gears, rollers, sprockets, slider seats, fixed plates, strip-type bottle conveyor belt chain bottom plates, cams, meat joint factory panels, leather machinery, punching plates, etc. Filling line gears and sprockets can reduce the breakage of bottles when transporting and reduce noise.

Construction machinery

Agricultural machinery

Self-lubricating, abrasion resistant, impact resistant

Bulldozer bulldozer lining, earthmoving machine head lining, dump truck compartment lining, tractor coulter lining, combine harvester sliding plate.

Paper machine

Wear resistance and impact resistance

Box cover seal, toggle guide wheel, scraper wiper wiper, suction box cover, joint seal shaft, filter, deflector, hydrofoil roller rolling lining, pulp shaping die pad, etc.

Textile machinery

Impact resistance

In the textile industry, this product can be used to make leather knots, shuttles, cleaning machines, cover handles, knives, rollers, couplings, sweeping bars, rolling blocks, shock absorber baffle connectors, gears, cams. Impact-wearing parts such as cotton machine parts, shuttles, shuttle rods, eccentric wheel swinging rear beams, sweeping bars, buffer block bushings, etc.

chemical industry

Chemical machinery

Abrasion resistance, chemical resistance

The product is made of acid-proof pump, chemical pump pusher, bushing, pickling tank protection plate, grooved lining plate of screw conveying equipment, valve body and pump body. , gaskets, packings, gears, bolts, nozzles, bushings, mechanical machinery, metal mesh mats, pipes, flanges, stirrer sheets, protective coverings and linings for mechanical equipment, vacuum mold boxes, etc.

General Machinery

Self-lubricating, abrasion resistant, impact resistant

Due to the wear resistance, impact resistance and self-lubricating properties of this product, it is in a leading position in all kinds of engineering plastics and has comprehensive performance. Therefore, using it instead of metal or other materials to make various machinery and accessories can improve performance, improve life and reduce noise. Such as: gears, cams, impellers, pulleys, bushings, bushing gaskets, gaskets, elastic couplings, sliding guides, tugs, etc.

Sporting goods

Self-lubricating, abrasion resistant, cold resistant

This product can be used in making skating ground, skating apron board, roller skating ground, amusement park slides, slides, sled skateboards, sliding balls, power sleds, skating rinks, protection frames, guards, bowling lanes. Wait.

Automotive, marine, ceramic industry

Self-lubricating, abrasion resistant, impact resistant, non-adhesive

This product can be used to make various truck linings, fly ash, cement car lining, clean car lining, bucket wheel excavator lining, tunnel lead lining, and can be used to make conveyors for the automotive industry. Slider seat, fixed plate, guide rail, marine industrial cabin lining, pier protection plate, rolling head, filter mud board, wheel, carriage and so on in ceramic industry.



This product can be used as the inner liner of the cabin, the lining of the funnel, and the inner lining of the dredger chain bucket, which can make the cargo ship's self-unloading system operate normally, prevent the arching from being blocked, improve the unloading speed by more than 30%, and can also be used as a dock. Fender, steamer floor, stern tube bearings, etc. Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet super-arched rubber fender, which is constructed by bonding a specified thickness of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plastic sheet to the top of the arched rubber fender, which can overcome the DA-A type super arch type. The disadvantage of a large coefficient of friction between the rubber fender and the hull steel structure simplifies the design of the super-arched rubber fender of the DA-B type (with the anti-shock plate).

Coal mine, mine

Self-lubricating, wear-resistant, non-adhesive, impact resistant

This product can be used as a belt conveyor group, coal bunker lining, spiral transmission equipment protection edge and lining plate, slip coal lining plate, rotating roller sleeve, can make wheel liner, wire rope roller, lifting bucket , cans, cans, belt rollers, conveyor scrapers, chutes, sprayer friction plates, etc.

Electrical, ceramic, paper, power generation, metallurgy

Low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, ultra high modulus fiber

In the electrical industry, the magnetic powder mixing impeller, the sensor tweezers on the telephone assembly line, the elevator guide shoes, the moving parts of the automatic elevator, the liner of the cassette tape, etc. are all superior to other engineering plastics.

In the ceramic industry, the ceramic rolling head is about 80% lower than the price of PTFE, and the life is increased by three to six times. It can also be used as a filter board.

In the papermaking industry, the non-adhesive, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent and other characteristics of the product can be used as a suction box panel, a log conveyor belt roller, a dewatering tool, a forming plate, a wiper plate, and the like.

In the thermal power generation industry, this product can be used for coal bunker lining, pulverized coal pipes and valves, concentrating tank shaft bushings and blades, high pressure nozzles, etc.

This product is used as a steel transfer roller in metallurgical equipment. It is used as a transmission roller for steel plates, a thin steel forming roller, a limestone, gypsum, metal shavings, silica sand, cast sand, carbon powder and other funnel linings, and a mill liner. Reduce noise, increase life and reduce power consumption.