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Engineering plastics

Sep 14, 2016

Engineering plastics for engineering material and to replace metal manufacture machine parts such as plastic. Engineering plastics with excellent performance, rigidity, creep small, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, good electrical insulation, in a relatively long-term use harsh chemical, physical environment, alternative metal used as structural materials, but more expensive, smaller yields.

Engineering plastics can be divided into General and special engineering plastics categories. Former main varieties has polyamide, and poly carbonate ester, and poly formaldehyde, and modified sex PPO and thermoplastic polyester five big general engineering plastics; which main is refers to heat up 150 ℃ above of engineering plastics, main varieties has poly n Asia amine, and poly benzene sulfur ether, and poly sulfone class, and aromatic family polyamide, and poly Fong ester, and poly benzene ester, and poly Fong ether ketone, and LCD polymer and fluoride resin,.

Main performance

Engineering performance characteristics are as follows:

(1) compared with GE Plastics, has excellent heat and cold resistance, good mechanical properties in a broad temperature range, suitable for use as a structural material;

(2) good corrosion resistance, less affected by the environment, have good durability;

(3) compared with the metal, easy processing, high production efficiency, and streamline the process, save money;

(4) good dimensional stability and electrical insulation;

(5), light weight, high strength, and has outstanding friction reduction, abrasion resistance.