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essential advantages of coal warehouse liner

Jun 25, 2019

There are many essential advantages of coal warehouse liner, one of which is wear-resistant waterproof, so the application of coal warehouse liner in addition to coal silos, can also be used as powder and block material storage, such as iron powder, because the storage of iron powder must achieve waterproof effect, so the need to install coal warehouse liner in storage to ensure that iron powder will not be affected by the phenomenon. The storage of block materials and coal silos similar to the situation, there may be the phenomenon of unloading and blocking, after the installation of coal warehouse liner, can improve the storage situation, to achieve smooth unloading. May be polymer polyethylene plate process problems, that is, uneven heat, this to check the equipment, there is to see whether the powder can be evenly balanced when stirring, there is also the molding temperature is too high, causing thermal degradation, and the product is not shiny.