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Flame retardant polyethylene sheet performance advantages and application range

May 17, 2019

lame-retardant polyethylene sheet is more advantageous than ordinary sheet material. It has good fireproof performance and high ignition difficulty. It can be automatically extinguished within 3-10 seconds after leaving the fire source, and it does not drip, and the amount of smoke is small. Volatile gases are harmless to the human body.

The flame-retardant polyethylene sheet has high impact strength, low friction coefficient and excellent self-lubricating properties, and can meet the different needs of customers. In recent years, with the development and utilization of its performance, it can be used as the inner liner of the cabin, the lining of the funnel, and the inner lining of the dredger chain bucket, so that the cargo ship's self-unloading system can normally rotate. In the textile industry, this product can be used to make leather knots, shuttles, cotton cleaners, cover handles, knives, rollers, couplings, sweeping bars, rolling blocks, swinging back beams, and so on. This can reduce noise and increase the service life.

It can be seen that the application range of the flame-retardant polyethylene sheet is still very wide.