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HDPE Outrigger Pads

Jul 16, 2019

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:PE

  • Kind:Hard Plastic Sheet

  • Water Absorption:<0.01%

  • Contraction Percentage:350%

  • Tensile Strength:(51~80)MPa

  • Transport Package:Pallet with Strech Film, Customised Wooden Case, C

  • Specification:customized

Product Description

Advantages of Plastic outrigger pad in polyethylene:
- No puzzling with wooden logs, deposit plate and ready!
- Lighter than water, easyer to handle, less back lesions.
- Less chance for injuries, does not splinter.
- Does not absorb water, does not dry out, no corrosion
- A constant quality under all circumstances.
- No extra treatment needed to limit the capacitance against ageing.
- Each plate is a finished product.
- No usure , long use duration.
- Easily to clean without mechanical resources.
- Practically unbreakable and thus extremely reliable on each floor profile.
- High pressure resistance, less distortion even give more stability up to +100 tons.
- Ecological product, available in all dimensions.
- Insensitively for aggressive or chemical substances, for example oil and salt.
- Economic, favourable, certainly on long duration.
- Aesthetically appearance.
- Makes a looked after impression and shows sense for effective work.

-Apply the Right material for your application
-15 Percent the weight of steel pads
-Chemically inert, serviceable from 180° F to - 250° F
-Corrosion, chemical, wear and moisture resistant.
-Non-stick surface, easy to clean.
-Compressive loads up to one million pounds
-Up to 15,000 pounds per square foot
-Work in sub zero temperatures
-Easy to mount, replace
-Reduced downtime.
-Lower maintenance costs
-Cost Efficient compared to steel or Aluminum
-Available in Any Thickness and size required
-Special blends available-show us your problem application
-Colors available . Black and white are standard
Plastic outrigger pad are made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE). The material is distinguished for its outstanding sliding properties, extreme wear resistance, high impact strength and very high resistance to chemicals and has established itself in technical applications.
Plastic outrigger pad enhance in an important degree to the safety at all lifting and elevating jobs. Only if the capacitance of the ground is large enough to support the load, which is carried out by means of the outriggers on the floor, the machine can maintain its stable work position.
They are used on:
Mobile cranes
Construction cranes
Truck mounted cranes
Aerial work platforms
Concrete pumps
Construction elevators