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How can coal bunker lining ensure long-term stability in a humid environment?

Jul 03, 2019

The performance index of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board is very accurate. Because the expansion coefficient of coal bunker liner is 2×10-4/°C, the fixed form of coal bunker liner can be changed in the case of large changes in operation or ambient temperature. It must be considered for free expansion or contraction. Any method of fixing should be designed to facilitate the flow of bulk material and the head of the screw is always embedded in the liner.

      The coal bunker lining drainage board should first select the corresponding adhesive according to whether the wall surface is wet or leaking, to ensure a stable and firm bond between the drainage board and the structural wall, and secondly on the coal bunker lining drainage board. Spraying special interface agent, and then painting the anti-cracking thermal insulation mortar for the first drainage board, so that the anti-cracking thermal insulation mortar of the painting is firmly connected with the plastic drainage board of PE material, and then the nail is reinforced by local nailing. There is a penetrating connection between the board drainage board, the stucco layer and the structural wall. Under the double connection of chemical and physical, the second anti-cracking thermal insulation mortar of the second drainage board is further painted. Finally, the professional anti-cracking putty of the drainage board is used to cover the surface layer with the fiberglass mesh cloth, so that the construction quality can ensure long-term stability.