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How can the durability of polymer polyethylene plate be improved effectively?

Jun 12, 2019

   Polymer polyethylene sheet has now been gradually widely used, the plate's ultra-high performance, I believe we should be more aware of, then about the durability of ultra-polymer polyethylene sheet, we know how much, if we operate properly, but also can effectively improve the durability of the plate. When the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate is first used in the warehouse liner, it is required to store the material until two-thirds of the capacity of the entire storehouse before unloading. Typically used in environments that are not greater than 80 ℃. To prevent the direct impact of materials on the liner, do not arbitrarily change the material and flow of the warehouse, otherwise it will affect the service life of the liner, the formation of quality damage. Its construction and firmware shall not be damaged by external forces. Under the condition of low temperature, in order to prevent the presentation of agglomeration condition, the storage length of materials in the storehouse should be shortened as far as possible. Adhesive materials should not be placed in the storeroom for a long time to prevent the appearance of agglomeration. Other materials should not exceed more than three days of storage time in the warehouse, water content is small material warehouse stop time can be relative to the actual situation of the extension.

According to such an approach to operate, will certainly greatly improve the durability of ultra-polymer. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate is a kind of quality polymer plate, has been gradually widely used, we produce ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate in the material selection and treatment process have higher requirements and operating specifications, spare parts surface treatment, such as coating treatment can greatly increase the service life of spare parts, The difference in spare parts production materials will also have a great impact on the quality and longevity of spare parts, thus creating a very different phenomenon in the market price of the spare parts due to differences in materials and processes.

And the roller supporting the use of the pressure head, this pressure head effect is to first press the cover to the port, and then by the roller rolling to complete the winding task. For ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, because of its composition of raw materials ultra-polymer polyethylene has an outstanding characteristics of heat resistance, and then so that it can maintain normal work in a certain high temperature environment. Therefore, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate in the market appears to be a more commonly used material, at first ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate as a warehouse liner, when the warehouse storage to two-thirds, in order to prevent the impact of materials on the liner, this time can only adjust the warehouse material and flow.

In fact, too low temperature will also affect the service life of polyethylene sheet, should try to shorten the storage time of the warehouse.