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How is the coal warehouse liner effectively preventing the blocking accident?

Jun 17, 2019

When we use the coal warehouse liner, there will be a lot of problems of blocking the warehouse, today let us discuss the solution of the coal warehouse liner blocking problem. The usual treatment method we use when blocking a warehouse is to use steel brazing, double-release coal gate coal-water separation measures.

    We believe that the underground water flow into the coal silo is an important external factor that causes the coal silo to clog. Now the coal warehouse does not have water, there will be no coal-water accident, so we should try to implement coal-water separation measures to prevent water flow into the coal silo.

    The specific method is in the arrangement of coal silos, do not place the coal cans in the rock formations with water, due to conditions, must be arranged in the coal silos in the water-based rock seams, in waterproof treatment at the same time must pay attention to the quality of construction, mash-making dots do not allow honeycombs and other water surge points. The use of coal warehouse liners for the materials on the mouth of the coal silo, the first is to intercept the flow, the explosion of the cut-off can not be intercepted, etc. When the coal warehouse lock part or the lower part of the coal silo block, first use steel brazing from the coal gate or from the coal silo inspection hole to break the clogging body, if the trouble can not open, and then blast with the barrel. When the blocked area is too high to disrupt and break down, the personnel enter the warehouse to deal with it. These methods bring a lot of ills, there are steel brazing labor intensity, it is difficult to work, people into the warehouse to deal with blockage, personal insecurity, easy to create personal casualties accidents, blasting collapse, in the blast blocking body at the same time, but also easy to cause the destruction of coal silo silos and coal silos, forming a blocking of a gun collapse repeatedly blocked repeatedly the vicious circle of repeated gun collapse,    The frequency of clogging increases.