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How much do you know about the wear resistance of ultra-high molecular plates?

Jun 19, 2019

Ultra-high molecular plate is the company after many years of production and research and development carefully built high-quality products, the product with high-quality performance characteristics by the vast number of new and old users unanimously recognized, more about the relevant content of ultra-high molecular plate next by our professionals to explain it briefly for you. Ultra-high molecular plate products are very wear-resistant, and friction coefficient is low, self-lubricity is good, ultra-high molecular plate is an ideal bearing bushing, slider, lining material. The use of ultra-high molecular plates as friction parts for the equipment, in addition to improving wear life, but also to receive energy-saving effects. Ultra-high molecular plate even if there is -40oC low temperature, nylon plate still has very strong impact resistance function, even at the liquid gas-269oC temperature, ultra-high molecular plate can still maintain a good impact resistance, this excellent low temperature characteristics, so that the application of ultra-high molecular plate extended to the field of low temperature engineering.