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How should the cleaning of the polymer wear plate be done with protection?

Jun 17, 2019

  Polymer wear plate has been gradually widely used, but we must do a good job of cleaning and protection work, we know how much of the cleaning and protection of the polymer wear wear plate, let's learn more about the following: 1, the clean-up after the use of polymer wear plate is also critical.

 In our clean-up at the same time can be hung on the wall of the coal barn liner clean up does not cause unnecessary waste, on the other hand can extend the use of our polymer wear plate, the benefits can be said to be very much, so do not ignore our polymer wear plate clean-up work.

  2, for the coal silo wall of the polymer wear plate, we should clean up the material glued to the wall of the warehouse and repair the flat, to ensure that the lining plate and the coal silo inner wall is solid, there must be no upturn phenomenon, the latter is to pay attention to the installation from the bottom up in turn installation. 3, polymer wear plate molding temperature has a greater impact on the quality of the product, attention should be controlled mold specific middle temperature slightly lower than the temperature at both ends.

  There should be uniform and stable temperature conditions to assist, the lip spacing should be equal to or slightly less than the thickness of the polymer wear plate, uniform and stable temperature to ensure that the flow rate of the extruded melt volume is stable and so on, so that the vertical thickness of the lining plate error value is small. 4, mold mold temperature control to stabilize the temperature is too high or low to affect the flow rate of melt, so that the thickness of the molded polymer wear plate will produce a larger error.

 At higher temperatures, the melt is easily decomposed and there are bubbles in the liner, and the surface of the liner is dark and not smooth when the temperature is low. The cleaning and maintenance of the polymer wear plate is mainly these, we should follow the instructions for the correct operation, so that can be smoothly bent into the clean-up work and its performance can be fully demonstrated.