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How to install coal bunker liner

May 16, 2019

Tangyin Xinxing Plastics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of coal bunker linings. With its rich work experience, the products produced in the market have been popular in the market for many years, and our services are also in place, so many users come to us. Ask some questions about the coal bunker lining, and ask more about the correct installation of the product. This is also a more important task, so everyone may have more problems to achieve. Below, Tangyin Xinxing Plastics Xiaobian has compiled the precautions for installing this product, and hopes to help everyone use this product.

Our bunker liner manufacturer here reminds you that the installation of coal bunker is a very important task. There are many subtle things to be aware of. The installation of coal bunker liner may affect the bunker liner. Service life and work efficiency, so it is necessary to properly install the coal bunker liner.

The bunker liner manufacturer suggests that you should use no less than 10 bolts per square meter. The bolt head plane requirements must be lower than the board surface. The gap between the plates should not exceed 0.5. The material should not be more than 36 hours in the warehouse. Materials with a water content of less than 4% may suitably extend the rest time. When the temperature is low, please pay attention to the static time of the material in the warehouse to avoid the formation of frozen blocks.