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How to solve the problem of coal bunker blocking in UPE coal bunker liner

May 23, 2019

There are two common types of coal bunker plugging: one is that the wet coal powder is first bonded on the silo wall, layer by layer, forming a rat-like hole shape in the silo, and then loading the coal will cause the silo The other is due to the large internal frictional resistance between the wet coal powder blocks, and the external frictional resistance between it and the wall is also large. When the coal bunk is filled with coal, the coal outlet of the lower conical section is similar to the coal outlet. Stuck and rusted arch shape (commonly known as bridge). Only a small part of the coal can be placed when the brakes are opened, and the upper coal is blocked by the arching.

In coal mining enterprises in the cold regions of the north, if the cold-proof measures are limited in winter, it is prone to blockage caused by the freezing of water-containing materials and warehouse walls.

After a large number of investigations and experiments, it was decided to use UHMWPE sheet for coal bunker lining, using the self-lubricating and non-sticking of UHMWPE sheet to reduce the friction coefficient, to solve the phenomenon of blocking the warehouse and easy to install, so as to solve the coal bunker lining The warehouse phenomenon saves a lot of labor. It improves work efficiency and brings huge economic and social benefits. Of course, in today’s fierce competition, coupled with the current era of economic globalization, we only have to constantly We are confident that our production technology will enable our products to achieve greater advantages.