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How to use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet in the sewage treatment industry

May 27, 2019

Many people have no way to start the field of sewage treatment, because they know that there are many harmful substances in the sewage, and the acidity is very strong. If the equipment of the sewage equipment is low in corrosiveness, it may be necessary to change a new batch, so the materials are good. Important, here we recommend our company's recent star product: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, with high corrosion resistance and other properties, the following is a detailed introduction for you:

The UHMWPE board sewage treatment industry is not the first time to use. The sewage treatment industry needs to be immersed in sewage all the year round, and it has acid and alkaline corrosion. It not only requires UHMWPE board to have wear resistance, but also has sufficient water absorption and corrosion resistance. characteristic. UHMWPE board manufacturing raw material UHMWPE is an inert molecular material, and the fluidity of the raw material is poor. This brings a little trouble to the manufacturing, so the selection of raw materials for UHMWPE board is very important. In order to change the difficulty of die casting caused by poor fluidity of raw materials and increase the amount of gaseous substances, some raw materials of lubricants should be selected when selecting raw materials. The choice of lubricants mainly includes stearic acid and salts, so that UHMWPE is produced. Uniform, no bubbles.

UHMWPE board application characteristics and advantages in the sewage treatment industry:

The UHMWPE board with excellent performance is widely used in water treatment projects such as sludge scraper, mud pump impeller, screw conveyor liner, pump bushing, clarification gear and sedimentation tank of sewage treatment plant.

Let's take a look at how to choose a good UHMWPE sheet. Because of its excellent use characteristics, it has been well developed and applied at home and abroad. More and more companies choose UHMWPE sheet when choosing wear-resistant materials. Material, but for the purchase standard, the choice of materials is good or bad, the strength of the purchase of manufacturers is not very well understood. Emerging engineering plasticization for you to popularize the purchase of UHMWPE sheet, should pay attention to the matter: UHMWPE board used in the sewage treatment industry

By examining the appearance

The inspection of the appearance of UHMWPE sheet mainly includes such items as: flatness, color uniformity, surface finish, color difference, lack of angle, area, thickness, etc., and good quality boards can generally achieve higher in these indicators. Level.

2. By looking at the company's technical certification

Generally speaking, most of the more powerful sheet companies have a number of certifications. Take the emerging engineering plastics company as an example, with advanced UHMWPE sheet metal processing equipment, complete physical and chemical testing methods, and reliable quality certification system.

3. Physical judgment of its products

High-quality UHMWPE sheet must be excellent in physical properties, also has many indicators, odorless, non-toxic, feels like wax, insoluble in common solvents, low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation properties; low density; good toughness, dielectric insulation Good properties; low water absorption; low water vapor permeability; good chemical stability; tensile strength.

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