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Installation points of PE compartment liner

Jul 29, 2019

How to install the PE compartment liner: When installing the liner, install the longest side of the liner in the vertical direction. If the panel is thin (less than 20 mm), the vertical edge can be overlapped. For thicker liners, the edges should be cut to 45 degrees, which allows for varying lengths and a smooth plastic plane in the silo to facilitate material flow.

We need to use the butt joints on the side of the material laid in the flow direction of the weighed material. If it is to fix the lining technology on the concrete structure: when installing the hopper of the concrete structure, especially the old hopper should check the strength of the concrete structure ( The thickness and firmness of the cement layer is necessary. The thickness and structure of the concrete are directly related to the firmness of the mounting liner. Generally, it is connected by special expansion bolts. The bolts must be placed on the hard cement layer without cracks and holes. The distance between the fixing bolts depends on the thickness of the lining and the operating conditions.

Method for fixing PE compartment liner on steel structure, steel plate drilling method; welding bolt method. Since the expansion coefficient of the lining plate is 2*10-4/°C, the fixed form of the lining plate must be considered for its free expansion or contraction when there is a large change in the operating environment temperature. Any fixing method should be considered to facilitate the bulk material. Flow, and the screw head is always buried in the liner.

The instructions for the use of the PE compartment liner are as follows: for the first time, the material to be used for storage is stored until two-thirds of the capacity of the entire warehouse is discharged, and the material is kept in the warehouse of the material at the loading and unloading point during the operation, and Keep the material storage in the warehouse more than half of the entire warehouse. We must prohibit the material from directly impacting the lining. The ambient temperature is generally not more than 100 °C, and the external force should not be used to damage the structure and loosely tighten the fastening bolts.

The time of the material in the quiescent state of the warehouse should not exceed 36 hours, and the material with water content less than 4% can prolong the static time. When the temperature is low, please pay attention to avoid the freezing block when the material is in the tank at rest time.